We’ve picked outfits for the Royals this Easter

What will the royal ladies wear on Easter Sunday?

We have been having some fun over at Replicate Royalty, styling some looks that we would love to see on the royal ladies this coming Easter Sunday. We have tried to merge the very classy and sophisticated traditional royal styles of the British Royal Family with some slightly more fashionista styles, being both suitable for their royal roles, but also pushing each lady to develop and evolve their unique style. The British Royal Family are notorious for playing it safe with their fashion choices whilst European Royals are praised for the fashion forward risks that they make.

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Styling a person is not necessarily about saying that they have bad fashion, but helping them to evolve their style as fashion moves forward and as you move into different age categories.

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Whilst it is a good idea to have some classic pieces in your wardrobe that you can wear for years, you also need to make sure you update your style with every block of five years, as you move into different phases of your life. So for example 20-25, 25-30, 30-35, 35-40 etc etc. As you age you will notice that your personality changes, your tastes and your life have moved to different points, stages and milestones; your fashion choices should reflect this. That does not mean that you have to get more stuffy with your choices as you age, but – often – what you wear at 20, you can’t wear at 30 or at 40 etc.

The Duchess of Cambridge

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For The Duchess of Cambridge, we have tried to choose brands and styles that she has worn before but with a little bit of a fashion twist and different colour scheme than she would normally choose. We tried to keep it classical with the blouson sleeve vintage style dress, added a clutch in a style that she her already has but in a different colour. Additionally, there is a new shoe designer and style and then really pushed forward, with a different type of hat but from Lock and Co., whom she wears quite often.

Changes necessary for Catherine? Make the keyhole cutouts on the dress just slightly smaller and wear the hat tilted at an angle.

A look we’d love to see on The Duchess of Cambridge this Easter

Dress => Roksanda Adena silk-midi dress – £1,485
Hat => Lock and Co. Andalusian Panama – £275
Earrings => Oscar de la Renta pave petal pearl earrings – £280
Bag => Jimmy Choo Vivien satin clutch in black – £695
Heels => Sergio Rossi pointed toe pump – £556

This is what Catherine wore to her last Easter service:

The Queen Elizabeth II is joined by Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge and his wife Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge for the 2018 Easter Day service in St Georges Chapel at Windsor Castle. Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images

The Countess of Wessex

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The ever-stylish Countess of Wessex gets more and more confident in her sartorial choices as the years go on. For Sophie’s styling picks, we have taken some of the silhouette and ideas that she favours most, tweaking and refining them just that little bit more to push her into a European-type of fashionista. We have kept a classical style of fit and flare coat to a tea length, but with a bold coloured check print, a different style of bag and moved away from her traditional Sophie Habsburg clutch to mix it up a little. We’ve replaced the nude Prada pumps with a red leather Prada pump and really gone in a different direction with her hat, choosing a Jane Taylor two-tone felt fedora.

Changes for Sophie? Make sure the fedora colour matches the coat

An outfit we suggest for The Countess of Wessex at Easter

Coat => Gabriela Hearst – Cassatt checked wool coat, red and white – £3,785
Hat => Jane Taylor two-tone burgundy trilby – £430
Earrings => Bee Goddess Ishtar stud diamond earrings – £490
Bag => The Row knotted silk-satin wristlet clutch bag in burgundy – £1,050
Heels => Prada red leather pump – £490

Sophie’s last Easter look:

Sophie, The Countess of Wessex, wearing navy Roland Mouret for the 2018 Easter Day service in St Georges Chapel at Windsor Castle. Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images

Princess Beatrice

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Beatrice is no stranger to experimentation with her fashion, but often chooses the wrong silhouette of fit and flare or double breasted style coats. We have chosen a slim line knee-length dress from Roksanda in a pretty lilac colour, with contrasting mustard trim, to keep within Beatrice’s fun fashion style. We added a matching Roksanda bag and Jimmy Choo pumps. We chose bee earrings as Beatrice is a huge fan of such insect-themed jewellery, and a Sarah Cant cocktail fascinator with large beaded flower for a very feminine touch. We think the pastel colours and pencil style dress is much more suited for Beatrice. We have kept the fun with a fashion forward bag and clashing colour scheme.

Changes for Beatrice? We would ask Sarah Cant to create the same hat for Beatrice but in felt in cooler weather.

Princess Beatrice

Dress => Roksanda V-neck midi dress – £980
Hat => Sarah Cant Dahlia hat
Earrings => Sydney Evan 14k gold bee studs – £695
Bag => Roksanda contrast circle detail clutch – £507
Heels => Jimmy Choo Love pump – £475

A reminder of Princess Beatrice’s 2018 Easter outfit:

Princess Beatrice in white at the 2018 Easter Day service in St Georges Chapel at Windsor Castle. Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images

Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie is also well known for her bold fashion choices, albeit not always the correct style for body shape. Eugenie’s best style is a pencil dress that has a defined waist showing off her hourglass figure to a midi length or slight a-line flare skirt. Eugenie often chooses things that are too high-wasted, and too much of a flared skirt sitting above-the-knee.

Embed from Getty Images

We have chosen a dress that gives her a defined waist area stopping at her hip before dropping down into a slight flare to a longer midi length. This bold bright orange coat is the same length as the dress. It can look very odd to have a shorter coat on top of a longer dress. Bright orange heels whilst matching the coat can be too stark, so we have chosen a two-tone delicate strap Mary-Jane style in orange and pale pink, then pulled the look together with a pale pink Roksanda clutch. The bright orange felt Sarah Cant pillbox hat is maybe a little dramatic, but keeps within Princess Eugenie’s style. We have chosen pieces from Maje and Sandro some of Eugenie’s go to brands.

When re-styling a person, keeping with their favourite brands to start off with helps to build their confidence slowly before evolving their style further.

Any changes for Eugenie? We would take out a little bit of the height from the pillbox base to make it thinner.

Princess Eugenie

Coat => Maje Galexia wool-felt coat – £274
Dress => Maje Olive asymmetrical chiffon and satin dress – £397
Hat => Sarah Cant Oxide hat
Earrings => Melissa Joy Manning – 14-karat gold Herkimer diamond earrings – £275
Bag => Roksanda Eartha dot leather clutch in light pink – £695
Heels => Jennifer Chamandi pink-orange Enrico 105 patent pump £385 – (£550)

What Eugenie wore last Easter:

Princess Eugenie in a fun print for the Easter Day service in St Georges Chapel at Windsor Castle. Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images

Lady Louise

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Lady Louise is at a very hard transitioning phase in any girl’s life. A time when you’re moving into the mid-teenage years, starting to develop your own sense of personality and style yet you are also still under the authority of your parents. You can’t quite establish your own independence just yet. To make it even harder for Louise, she has to make sure she follows represents the royal brand well, arguably dressing a little more conservatively, but at the age of 15 you also want to make sure you fit in with your friends wearing some cool trendy fashion. So how do you make sure you can start to establish your own fashion style, make sure you follow fashion ‘protocol’, yet still be youthful and trendy like your friends but not stuffy? We don’t envy Lady Louise at all having to try and make this type of balance!

Lady Louise is at a great age now when she can start to develop her own wardrobe and collect her own wardrobe pieces. Whilst last year it was nice to see her borrow pieces from her mother, she needs to be able to step away and develop her own style even if her mother is as stylish as The Countess of Wessex.

Lady Louise Windsor at the 2018 Easter Day service in St Georges Chapel at Windsor Castle. Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images

We have tried to take all of these things into consideration when designing our stylist picks for Lady Louise. Firstly, we have taken a bright green satin dress from Maje, (a youthful brand) with the colour adding that edge. To keep within protocol, but also still choosing a younger brand, we have chosen a white Ted Baker wrap coat, helping to take away much of the starkness of the green. We have chosen a Sarah Cant round cocktail hat with larger trim than Lady Louise has worn in the past. In fact this is probably the biggest hat yet, but still small enough with delicate trim for her age. When young, you can get away with a lot of different things such as bright colours, shorter hem lengths, embellished pieces etc. So for a bit of fun we added in some fuchsia pumps from Anthropologie with a slight block heel to keep it age-appropriate. We then matched in a fuchsia suede clutch with fringe embellishment so the pumps don’t stand out on their own. We chose an inexpensive pair of faux crystal earrings from Accessorize. The fun, fashion-forward and youthful elements derive from the brands, bold colours and embellishments. We think we have a good mix for Lady Louise.

Changes needed? quills dyed to match the green of the dress.

What we’d love to see Lady Louise try this Easter

Coat => Ted Baker Gabella wide collar long wool wrap coat – £279.30 (£399)
Dress => Sandro ruched flared satin dress – £194
Hat => Sarah Cant Yucca Spring Summer 2017
Earrings => Accessorize flower cluster stud earrings – £8
Bag => Phase Eight Tammy tassel clutch – £69
Heels => Anthropologie D’orsay heels

Zara Tindall

[getty src=”941120466″ width=”594″ height=”466″ tld=”com”]

Zara has a much more relaxed look and quite unstructured especially compared with The Duchess of Cambridge. So we tried to keep within this aesthetic style. We chose a teal Zimmermann wrap coat. A different style of dress then what Zara would normally wear with a slight plunge V-neck, fitted pencil style to a knee length. We know that Zara likes sky high heels so we added some towering heels in a fun black and leopard print from Jennifer Chamandi, a very interesting footwear designer that we think could be the next Gianvito Rossi. We added a fun matching black and leopard clutch to keep it looking fresh and fashion forward. A classical felt blocked fascinator with stand-up bow trim is very Zara, and a twist on a pearl stud with gold bar down the centre.

Zara Tindall

Coat => Zimmermann Moncur wrap coat – £1,150
Dress => Sachin & Babi embellished chiffon-panelled velvet dress – £235 (£547)
Hat => Sarah Cant Autumn Winter 2015
Earrings => Melissa Joy bezel wrapped pearl stud earrings – £230
Bag => Tomasini Constance clutch in black – £326.79 (£1,088)
Heels => Jennifer Chamandi black leopard Lorenzo 105 leather pumps – £290 (£580)

Embed from Getty Images

Autumn Phillips

[getty src=”941120474″ width=”594″ height=”431″ tld=”com”]

The classically-styled Canadian usually opts for a highly tailored look from Suzannah and more recently at Christmas from Claire Mischevani. We have kept within these style guidelines for Autumn with just a few tweaks. We chose a bright green coat from Suzannah but in a much more fitted silhouette then what we normally see her choose. We added in a small green cocktail hat from Sarah Cant with looped trim. We replaced Autumn’s normal matching suede clutch and pumps from Emmy London with a more edgy contrasting cream leather pouch from Burberry, and matching cream leather sharply pointed pump from Jimmy Choo. We finished the look with a classic and understated hoop from Astley Clarke.

Autumn Phillips

Coat => Suzannah merino wool coat in intelligence green – £1,850
Hat => Sarah Cant Autumn Winter 2016
Earrings => Astley Clark Mini Halo emerald hoop earrings – £495
Bag => Burberry D-ring leather pouch – £580
Heels => Jimmy Choo – Ava 100 leather pumps in cream – £475

Autumn’s last Easter look:

Embed from Getty Images

Let us know what you think of our fashion styling picks for the Royal ladies Easter fashion ensembles. Do you think we got it right?

We have left The Duchess of Sussex from our picks as we know that she will be on maternity leave preparing for the birth of baby Sussex.

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