Duchess of Cambridge attends ANZAC Day service in peacock blue Catherine Walker

Today, The Duchess of Cambridge joined her brother-in-law Prince Harry for an ANZAC Day Service at Westminster Abbey – read about the event on our sister site, here. The Duchess wore a new bespoke Catherine Walker coat dress in blue and an interesting new cocktail hat.

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Prince Harry, The duke of gloucester and kate, the duchess of cambridge at today’s anzac service (kensington palace)

The Duchess chose the Catherine Walker ‘Amber’ coat dress in peacock blue. As with most of Kate’s Catherine Walker pieces, this has been slightly modified to accommodate the Duchess’ tastes. The vintage 1950s style dress coat has a high stand up collar, three matching fabric-coated centre buttons on an off-centre placket, a fitted waist, long sleeves with three button cuff, a knee-length fit and flare skirt, featuring soft draped pleated folding through the skirt to create a feminine styling. You can view the original ‘Amber’ here.

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Catherine Walker Amber

You can see that the ‘Ekatrina’ style from Catherine Walker has the similar stand up collar that the ‘Amber’ does not have.

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Catherine Walker Amber

Kate added a very flamboyant and different style of hat than she normally chooses. The Duchess wore the Rosie Olivia ‘Varick’ style. This blue coloured felt dome beret sits on an angle at the front of the face and is fastened with an elastic sitting behind the ears. A very interesting feature of the hat was the row of spiral raised flourishes of thin peacock-coloured feathers along the top ridge of the hat. The hat retails for £445 which you can purchase here.

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Emily London Varick hat

We have to say this is definitely not our favourite hat of Kate’s – it is a bit bulky. Do you like this piece?

Catherine carried her Emmy London ‘Natasha’ clutch in dark green suede. This is a rectangular shaped front flap clutch with hidden fastening clasp. Kate’s bag does not have the contrast piping around the edge. The clutch retails for £350, purchase here. We show a similar style of the Natasha clutch, but in a slightly brighter shade of green than the one the Duchess carried.

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[getty src=”1145031099″ width=”385″ height=”594″ tld=”com”]

Emmy London Natasha Dark Green Suede Clutch

The Duchess has previously carried this clutch on a few occasions in the past, including to Sunderland in 2018 with her dark green Dolce and Gabbana coat and on St Patrick’s Day.

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Kate wore Emmy London ‘Rebecca’ pumps in green to match her clutch. The classically-styled pointed toe pumps have a 4-inch high straight back stiletto heel. We have seen the Duchess wear a pair of Emmy London shoes in the same shade but in a rounded toe platform pump.

Kate’s cousin-in-law, Autumn Phillips, also owns the same pair of heels in dark green suede. These pumps were first released in 2017 and no longer available to purchase through the online store, but you should be able to contact Emmy London if you are interested in having this shoe created for you, as they offer a bespoke service. Or you can try these for a great match here.

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The Duchess of Cambridge wears Emmy ‘Rebecca’ pointed heels. i-images
Emmy London Rebecca Greenery Pump

Catherine accessorised with her Kiki McDonough ‘Kiki Classic Blue Topaz and Diamond Drop Earrings’. The blue Topaz double drop earrings are set in 18ct white gold featuring an oval stud and cushion cut drop, both surrounded by a halo of brilliant cut diamonds. These earrings retail for £3500 and you can purchase them here. Or how about these for a replikate?

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Kiki McDonough Kiki Classic Blue Topaz and Diamond Drop Earrings in White Gold

The Duchess wore her Kiki McDonough ‘Eden’ blue topaz and diamond flower necklace in white gold. The necklace features a Topaz cut into a flower shape, surrounded by pave diamonds and set in 18ct white gold, hanging from a 16-inch chain. This necklace retails for £1500, which you can purchase here.

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Kiki McDonough Eden blue topaz and diamond flower necklace in white gold

We saw this piece at Trooping the Colour in 2018, too.


A close up of Kate’s Kiki McDonough necklace seen at Trooping the Colour. i-images

Kate carried with her pair of navy short gloves, from Cornelia James. These are the bow-wrist gloves we have seen on occasion in the past, but never had a certain ID for them.

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An interesting close-up look at Kate’s hairstyle from the back.

[getty src=”1145005550″ width=”464″ height=”594″ tld=”com”]

If you feel like you have seen this look on Kate before you would be half-correct. She has worn an almost-identical looking outfit back in 2016 with an Emilia Wickstead blue dress coat, Jane Taylor hat and dark green suede Emmy London clutch and pumps when visiting Wellington New Zealand. Just two weeks prior to Kate wearing this ensemble, her own sister Pippa wore an almost identical look as well.

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Even Autumn Phillips was dressed in a similar look for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ wedding last year.

[getty src=”960100330″ width=”358″ height=”594″ tld=”com”]

We are not huge fans of this ensemble from Kate today. Each of the pieces on their own is fine but together the colour combination is a little bit off. We understand that the colours appear together in the peacock feathers of her hat, but wearing the blue coat, green clutch and heels, navy gloves with light blue earrings and necklace just didn’t seem to work very well. This outfit didn’t really have the same finesse and sleekness that we have come to expect from the Duchess over the past two years, seeming a bit mismatched.

What did you think of the Duchess’ ANZAC outfit?

You can emulate this look here:

with thanks to @japaneseginger for hat info

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