Layers and layers of bracelets for Meghan in surprise appearance at WE Day

The Duke of Sussex spoke at WE Day on Wednesday. Toward the end of his talk, he invited his wife The Duchess of Sussex up on stage much to the delight of the crowd. Meghan was dressed in black jeans and a new blue blazer, she also layered up jewels in a major way!

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The Duchess of Sussex chose a new Ralph Lauren ‘Parker Cashmere Jacket’. This finely tailored ink-blue blazer borrows from men’s tailoring but with a slim fit for a women’s silhouette. The blazer mixes equestrian style with hacking pockets and naval-inspired signature metal buttons; there is a single-breasted one button closure in shiny gold hardware with “RR”-and-crown-engraved buttons, shoulder padded long sleeves, which end in four-button cuffs. A notch lapel collar, left chest welt pock, two right waist flapped pockets and left waist flapped pocket. The jacket is fully lined in silk. You can purchase the blazer for £2,272 here.

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Ralph Lauren Parker Cashmere Jacket

This blazer is very similar in style to the blazer Meghan wore on the Royal Tour of Morocco.

Ralph Lauren Parker Cashmere Jacket

The Duchess wore a black t-shirt beneath.

Meghan wore her Rag & Bone ‘Maternity Denim Skinny Jeans, that we first saw in Morocco. These jeans aren’t a typical maternity style and have a the look of everyday jeans with just a little extra room in the waistband for your bump. The jeans retail for £175 and you can purchase them here.

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Rag & Bone Maternity Denim Skinny Jeans

Meghan wore her Manolo Blahnik BB 105 black velvet pumps with Tora heel. These are a deep and rich fabric, with pointed toe and heel of 90mm. They retail for £495-536. The velvet is sold out but you can purchase the suede pumps here and here or in a lower heel height here and here.

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Manolo Blanhik BB 105 black velvet pumps

We think maybe The Duchess of Sussex has been doing some spring cleaning and looking through her jewellery collection. She wore three rings, three bangles, two bracelets and one WE Day braided band. Let’s take a look at the layers and layers of jewels that Meghan chose for this occasion.

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Meghan wore her ‘Mummy necklace’ by US designer Jennifer Meyer, retailing for £922. The 18kt gold mummy plate is fixed to a 16 inch 14kt gold chain. This was said to be a present gifted to Meghan at her baby shower. You can purchase the necklace here.

[getty src=”1134000934″ width=”463″ height=”594″ tld=”com”]

Jennifer Meyer Mummy Necklace

Meghan wore her Pippa Small ‘C-Cutout’, Bangle. The gold bangle has a slight crescent moon shape cut out on one side. The model below wears the c-cutout bangle on the right. This bangle is not available for purchase.

[getty src=”1134000950″ width=”350″ height=”594″ tld=”com”]

Pippa Small Bangle

Meghan wore the Pippa Small ‘Wajiha Bangle’, retailing for £360. This ridged cuff is made from 18kt gold plated silver. You can purchase this bangle here.

[getty src=”1134000941″ width=”469″ height=”594″ tld=”com”]

Pippa Small Wajiha Bangle

Meghan also added her Pippa Small ‘Omeen Bangle’, retailing for £160. This smooth 13mm cuff is made from 18kt gold plate. You can purchase the cuff here.

Pippa Small Omeen Bangle

Meghan wore her Tai ‘Asymmetrical Circle Moonstone Open Bracelet’, retailing for £50. The open bracelet is made from gold over brass. The bracelet is available in a range of different stones including Charcoal, Cat’s Eye, Mint, Green, Montana and Turquoise. You can purchase the bracelet here.

Tai Asymmetrical Circle Moonstone Open Bracelet

Meghan added a new chain link bracelet from Ralph Lauren. Meghan wore the Lauren Ralph Lauren ‘Chain Link Slider Bracelet’. This bracelet was available from Bloomingdales but is unfortunately sold out.

[getty src=”1134079578″ width=”594″ height=”413″ tld=”com”]

Lauren Ralph Lauren Chain Link Slider Bracelet

On her right wrist, Meghan wore the WE Day ‘Amazon Minga Education’, braided bracelet, retailing for £16. The bracelets is handmade by women in Ecuador on woven wax cord in grey slate, inspired by weaving traditions in the Amazon. “In Ecuador, a minga is a call to action: a community coming together for the greater good.” You can purchase this bracelet here.

WE Day Amazon Minga Bracelet

[getty src=”1134000536″ width=”396″ height=”594″ tld=”com”]

Meghan wore her Pippa Small ‘Herkimer Diamond Greek Ring’, retailing for £1,600. This larger geometrically-shaped clear quartz stone is set in 18kt gold plate. Each quartz shape will be unique and not exactly the same as the product image shown. You can purchase the ring here.

Pippa Small Herkimer Diamond Greek Ring

Meghan also wore her Pippa Small ‘Crystallinity Herkimer Diamond Cup Ring’, retailing for £695. This ring is a bit smaller, thinner and more delicate than the Greek ring with a rounded shape quartz. You can purchase the ring here.

Pippa Small Crystallinity Herkimer Diamond Cup Ring


On her left thumb, as has almost become customary, Meghan wore her Catbird NYC ‘Threadbare Ring’, retailing for £35. The 14kt gold ring has a slight hammered appearance and measures only 0.5mm thin, definitely a ring to stack up. You can purchase this ring here.

[getty src=”1134001961″ width=”594″ height=”407″ tld=”com”]

Unfortunately due to limited photos and Meghans wavy hairstyle we did not get a look at what earrings she had on, though we are sure that is plenty of jewellry for you to handle in the meantime!

With thanks to @whatmegwore for WE Day bracelet ID

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