Lady Louise borrows mum’s coat and bag for Christmas Day – plus new ear piercings!

For Christmas Day we saw Lady Louise borrowing more of her mother’s clothes; she use a coat and clutch from The Countess of Wessex this time, but wore her own shoes and headband. We also noticed that she had had her ears pierced!

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The Earl and Countess of Wessex and their children arriving at the Christmas Day church service at Sandringham. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

Louise chose a Stella McCartney check coat, seen on the Countess. The loose-fitting piece features overssixed lapels, flap pocket at the hip and double breasted buttons. It is a double-breasted version of this ‘Marcelline’ coat. Now a few years old, we aren’t sure how much it retailed for, but usually SM coats start about £900.

Because this piece is her mother’s, it fits a little too loosley, but we like the subtle pink running through it that Louise has picked up for her accent colour.

Lady Louise Windsor heading to the Christmas Day church service at Sandringham. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images
Stella McCartney Marcelline wool coat

She carried her mother’s ‘Amber’ bag from Sophie Habsburg in a beige snake effect. View it here.

Sophie Habsburg Amber clutch

She also wore a pink plait velvet headband, which we think is from Jane Taylor, her mother’s favourite milliner. You can see the rememblance to these two pieces from the brand; we are leaning towards the piece on the left, but not as tall. Shop them both for £585 and £285 here and here.

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Jane Taylor Five Plait headband and velvet headband

Beneath the coat we saw a polka dot shirt in white and yellow/gold. This is a decent match for such a piece. If memory serves, we have seen this piece before on the young Royal.

Lady Louise also wore a two-ring necklace, in rose gold and silver it appears, and a pair of gold and clear stone studs. At 15, we are almost surprised that she hadn’t had them pierced previously!

The shoes were pink suede flat pumps, which we think are the Chloé ‘Lauren’ flats. Pictures are limited of her footwear, but the scallop detail and light heel match. They cost £325 and are available here.

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Chloé ‘Lauren’ flats

You can shop Louise’s style below:

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