Duchess of Sussex wears second sleeveless tuxedo dress on #royalvisitNZ

Tonight the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Courtnay Creative to celebrate the arts within the city. Meghan wore a dress from New Zealand designer, Maggie Marilyn.

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The Duchess wore Maggie Marilyn ‘Leap of Faith Dress’ dress, retailing for £520. This is a white double-breasted tuxedo mini dress, with notch lapel collar, breast pocket, two diagonal deep hip pockets and an a-line silhouette. The dress has a kicked-out flare through the rear contour panels of the skirt. The Duchess has had her dress modified and removed the long sleeves, with puff pleated shoulder detailing, of the ready to wear dress. This is the second sleeveless tuxedo dress we have seen in as many days and know that Meghan must like this style, but we would love to see a different silhouette on her.

If you are interested in this dress you can pre-order it here.

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Maggie Marilyn Leap of Faith Dress

This dress is very popular with the label and it features frequently throughout their Instagram feed. Maggie Marilyn stands for everything we know Meghan loves and has gravitated toward with her choice of clothing during this tour. The company aims to employ efforts on ethical and environmental impact of contemporary fashion, which many are unaware just how much and easy this is occurring with our love of fast fashion. The website describes the Maggie Marilyn girl as “A dreamer, the Maggie Marilyn girl is quietly confident, gentle and firm in her beliefs. She is not afraid to speak the truth. Her uniqueness is matched in her elegance and timelessness. A feminist, while openly vulnerable, she is an environmentalist, pays attention to detail and fights for the underdog. Obsessively passionate, she is an optimist, and believes in the power of possibility.”

Maggie Marilyn Leap of Faith Dress
Maggie Marilyn Leap Of Faith Cotton Dress. Image via Instagram @maggiemarilyn

The stylist’s take: We are not very big fans of the Tuxedo dress style in general, this is far more movie starlet than monarchy. We have seen Meghan’s ability to dress as an elegant Duchess on this tour with knock out looks from Roksanda and Oscar de la Renta that left us with mouths open in awe of her radiating beauty. Unfortunately, the tuxedo dress is not a great look on anyone – it always seems like it is just missing something. With a certain look required or expected of a member of the British Royal Family (male or female), not just from The Queen but the British public in general, this style of dress does not fit into that mould.

Meghan draped her Gillian Anderson ‘Soft Wool Swing Coat’ over her shoulders for part of the evening. The coat was created by the actress in conjunction with Winser London. This is the second time we have seen Meghan wear this navy soft draped front wrap coat with self-tie belt. This coat retails for £395 and you can purchase the staple wardrobe piece here. You can purchase a nice replicate here.

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Gillian Anderson Soft Wool Swing Coat

Meghan accessorised the her Boh Runga ‘Disco Logo’ earrings, retailing for £167. These 9ct yellow gold disc earrings have a small engraving of two Huia feathers. We saw these earrings debut earlier in the day at the cafe. They were a gift from the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden. We love that Meghan kept her same earrings on all day and really showed off the gift she had been given in such an appreciative way. It is very much in the Duchess’ style to frequently change jewellery throughout the day, with three changes in one day during her visit to Sydney. So much so, we can barley keep up with the changes. We don’t know how she manages to keep everything so organised!

Purchase these earrings here. You can get a replicate here.

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Boh Runga Disco Logo Studs

Meghan re-wore her Jessica McCormak ‘Tattoo Diamond Pendant,’ that we saw debut only last night during Meghan’s speech. A swirling spiral design that represents the Koru tattoo. The white gold pendant hangs from an 18kt yellow gold chain and features various sized diamonds inlaid in the spiral, finishing with a larger stone in the centre. The necklace retails for £8,870.

You can purchase this pendant here.

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Jessica McCormak Tattoo Diamond Pendant

The Duchess of Sussex teamed her outfit with her Manolo Blahnik ‘BB 105 Pump with Tora Heel,’ retailing for £509. You can purchase these pumps here. Try this to get the look for less here.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images


Manolo Blahnik BB 105 Tora Navy

Meghan did not carry a bag or wear any other jewellery with this look, which is quite a shift for her.

What did you think of today’s tuxedo look?

You can get Meghan’s white tuxedo look here:

with thanks to @whatmegwore, @MeghansFashion (dress ID), @MadAboutMeghan

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